Monday, June 14, 2010


As I mentioned before, we had a big Drexler reunion in Runnemede just a couple weeks ago. It was so fun and beyond memorable for all of us. But, the one thing that was most fun was to see dad with his brother Carl and his sister Judi. His other sister Debbie wasn't able to make it.

Here are all 4 of them with their mom (my grandma) back in the early 50s. 1951 perhaps?

Here they are in 2000 when my grandpa died.

And here they are in 2010, as we got ready to eat at the Diner. We ate at that diner every single day when we visited my grandpa - after grandma died. And, even before Grandma died and was too sick to cook for all of us, they'd take us up there for dinner, so it holds a special place in all our hearts. So many stories have been shared over the years about his brother and sisters. And, even though they haven't all been together since that picture in 2000 was taken, they love each other and so enjoyed being together again. That weekend was definitely a time of celebration - the celebration of Mt Calvary church as much as it was a celebration of family. A time of reminiscing and laughter and joy. :-)

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